School Lunch – would you eat it?

Today’s topic is – you guessed it – school lunch.  Now this particular entry will deal mostly with the Farmington, NM municipal school distric elementary school lunch menu since I have access to it and it is what my child may be eating (I stress the word MAY but should probably say DOUBT!) in the coming month.

So here is a “typical” week of school lunches:
Monday:  Hot Dog on a Bun, Baked Beans, Raw Carrots, Applesauce
Tuesday:  Beefy Penne Pasta, Baby Carrots, Chilled Mixed Fruit, Bread Stick
Wednesday:  BBQ Pork Riblet on a Bun, Chinese Style Vegetables, Garden Salad, Whole Fresh Orange
Thursday:  Beef Tacos, Shredded Cheese, Romaine & Tomato, Refried Beans, Salsa Cup, Chilled Peaches
Friday:  Sausage Patty, Tater Rounds, Fresh Veggies w/Dip, Fresh Fruit

So all in all that doesn’t sound too bad right?  I mean who doesn’t like hot dogs, ribs, and tacos.  As to what a sausage patty is well… you got me there.

So in the interest of science and the interest of parental interest I embarked on a journey to find out some information as to what was really on my kiddos plate and more importantly what was in what was on my kiddos plate. And here I hit a dead end – which does not inspire confidence in the mother that the things on the plate are things I necessarily want in my child.

I started off by contacting the school district as there was a phone number on the bottom of the lunch menu that I found right on the distric home page. This seemed promising. I would assume that this would be a number to the nutrition office or dietitian… my first mistake was yes ASSuming anything about this would be easy. The number was to the distric office secretary who informed me that the nutrition information for all menus was calculated by the sitrict dietitian and assured me that the contact information for this person could be found in the same place the menus were found. So I went back to the menu and found an email address. An email was sent to this person and I have yet to receive any follow-up or acknowledgement of my request for nutritional values for the foods on this weeks lunch menu. After this I attempted to access the Summit foods website who are the providers of the school lunches for this district. There website is completely ambivalent and ambiguous. Sort of like Jello – it’s nice to look at and pretty darn sweet but there is no substance or actual value to it.

As a consumer I have found that there are two times to be worried when I want information from a source – when it is TOO available and when it is not available at all. Of course being too available is not always a bad thing; there are lots of companies, people, and organizations out there that are very proud of their products and services and have nothing to hide. Information that is not available at all is always cause for concern… Needless to say my quest for information will continue and I will keep you all posted on the mysterious school lunch.

….And I’ll be packing my daughter’s lunch from now on!


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