Topic of the week #3

Flexibility and organization are things that make a good social media professional. Whithout these two attributes one would definitely lose followers and have a hard time keeping up with the demands of the job. As was pointed out in some of the anecdotes shared by our instructor it can be very easy to disappoint followers through lack of attention – then again by giving too much attention we can turn followers off too! Being able to access the information “superhighway” at any time of day or night and having the ability to quickly create, change, update, and find information is key as well.
But why would some one read my particular posts to any sort of social media – yet another aspect of a good social media professional is not only having something to say but having something to say about a topic people want to hear about. One may have the most interesting insight into the world of grub worms but if there is no interest in the topic no one is going to read your blog or tweets or any posts. By the same token access to information via the internet and other electronic devices has allowed people with a wide and diverse range of interests to be able to share information. So perhaps somewhere out there is a great number of people who are interested in the grubworm – I just don’t happen to run in that circle.
Occasionally one can become an effective social media professional not only based on what they nknow but on who they know. The trendsetters and those that are willing (and able) to put themselves out there to try new things and explore new topics would certainly be monumental resources for a social media professional. For instance if I had attracted the following of a pro basketball player who happened to be married to a millionaire that happened to have a reality show I may be able to attract followers through association. These followers may only have been interested in what I had to say at first as it pertained to said ball player but over time they could be one over to be a fan of my writing or share in common interests.


One thought on “Topic of the week #3

  1. I have found this class amusing because of how utterly clueless I was and how I am now much more aware of all of the actual work that is needed to be a good professional in this industry.

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