Topic of the Week #4

Well the old saying goes that a picture can say a thousand words so I guess video can say a million. The power of video is certainly awesome – when used in conjunction with the other technological wonders that we now have at our fingertips it is truly awe-inspiring the power that it has. For instance in the carity:water video I will freely admit that I cried. Video has the power to touch our emotions on ways that print cannot. Why is this? Well let’s look again at the charity:water clip – what really touched me was the music. If I had seen the video with no sound it would still have been touching but add that song to the mix and you have something new all together. I think 9/10’s of the effectivesness of a video is the soundtrack. This was one of the points that Ira Glass was making in his advice on creating effective video – have something to say and say it in a way that actually makes a point and has meaning. Any organization would do well to utilize video as a means for advertising or information dissemination regardless of the content. The portrayal of information through the use of “moving media” creates something entirely different than print – whether it is words or pictures. Video does not leave a watcher room for interpretation as in a book or written document – there are far less imaginings as video is much more concrete. YOu can write in a book that the heroine had flowing raven locks yet in my imagination I can make her look any way I want whereas on video the heroine has flowing raven locks whether I like it or not.
The utilization of video in social media is an ever increasingly used tool. We live in such a look at me society in the Western world with the constant posting and updating of information. The beauty of video is that it can supply immediate gratification which is what social media and technology are all about. As Hendrix discussed in the notes and also a point that Ira Glass made is that the human attention span is relatively short and getting shorter all the time. In the world of social media we are not making full fledged block busters but trying to get our point across as quickly as possible in the most effective manner possible.


3 thoughts on “Topic of the Week #4

  1. I had the same opinion on this topic. I find it really disturbing that video is being used more because it is obvious that the reason why they are more effective is due to the fact that society is getting to lazy to bother to read articles anymore. They would much rather be informed via video which requires less effort. It definitely makes sense that we as bloggers must follow trends and include video with our content.

    • I think there was a time not so very long ago that we were more apt to watch a video but i find for myself personally that the shine has somewhat worn off of simply watching something. Part of the attraction.of reading has always been the imaginary possibilities as tactile sensations associated with reading. The anticipation of turning the page to.see what awaited us omas.the next page. The beauty of video is the Sounds well anyway.

  2. Our attention span is incredibly short, I know mine is. VIdeos are a great way to capture our attention efficently and quickly as well as openiing up any emotional passages, like this charity video did instantly.

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