Topic discussion week 5 – Content

Well for this week’s discussion I chose to peruse the wwritings of Chris Brogan at and I am certainly glad that I did. Chris writes on a variety of topics but this particular site is dedicated to the growth and development of his readers as professionals and individuals. He is the CEO of Human Business Works which is a “publishing and media company dedicated to helping professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave.” Now doesn’t that sound like an interesting undertaking in itself. I read a few of Chris’s posts and found all of them to be interesting but not terribly full of what I would call “content” which I believe in this instance is exactly what Chris was going for. Rather than a diatribe of do’s and don’ts and you’ll definitely be successful (or more so) if you follow these easy steps he has a way of simply asking a question or making a point that casues you to ask a question of yourself. In the post Start Your Own Whatever he does this by simply reminding us that we need not be professionals or experts in any field that we wish to explore – we must simply have an interest and most importantly get others to share in that same interest and read what we write, watch our videos, basically WANT to see our content. SOunds pretty easy right? Yeah I thought so too until I really started thinking about what that entails. The big word here folks is dedication. Just like any other endeavor in life it is important that we dedicate ourselves to our online endeavors in order to be a success. Part of what I enjoyed about Chris’s site is the diversity of content. All of his posts have something to do with being a better you but that is such a broad topic it gives him a lot of room to maneuver.


2 thoughts on “Topic discussion week 5 – Content

  1. Trying to make your content interesting is difficult with blogging I think. I want to post videos and photos but I also get really annoyed when I see other blogs and profiles overshare. It instantly makes me want to unfollow them. I hate having to be so careful about what I post. đŸ˜¦


  2. Making your content interesting to others is very hard. And in reference to the comment before mine about oversharing is also key. Because I know I get annoyed when I see too much crap on the screen that I do not want to read. I think looking at it through your own perspective and realizing how you would react is important.

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