Who took the fun out of school?

So I son’t know about you all but I thought school was really really fun when I was a kid. We had wonderful things to do during the day like art, recess, PE, music, assemblies, plays, and lunch served on portioned trays by “the lunch lady” and the lucky 6th graders that were taking their turn learning about responsibility by working the lunch line for a free nutty buddy. Now the “fun” things are called “specials”, lunch has been reduced to a 15 minute fiasco where kids don’t have time to finish eating much less have any social interaction with one another, and no one actually cooks anything in the lunch room. The other day I sent my daughter to school with a fruit cup in her lunch box and told her to grab a spoon in the lunch room because I forgot to pack her one. Guess what?? Apparently sporks are a hot commodity because the cashier actually charged her for it. If our school are in such dire straights that we need to charge kids for plastic utensils there is something seriously wrong! Recess has been reduced to two 15 minute breaks in which you better not play any game even remotely resembling cops and robbers or army guys for fear you’ll get suspended. Lasat time I checked fresh air and exercise were important for the growth and development of our children. Music and art helped us learn about things outside of our classroom books to allow us to become more well-rounded individuals. Music and Art are now two 20 minute classes kids go to once a week – I don’t find anything “special” about that. Somewhere along the line pur school systems have forgotten that we sometimes learn best when we are not being “taught”. The focus now is to make the grade – not for each individual child to make the grade but for the school itself. So let’s take away the nutritious lunch, fresh air, freedom of learning expression through the Arts and make the school day shorter so we can fit more “learning” with less resources into the budget. Who needs to have fun at school anyway?


One thought on “Who took the fun out of school?

  1. Oh my word- I love this topic. I could gripe about public education to no end. It is really a reflection of how our society has completely redefined quality of life. It trickles down to our kids. More and more families are choosing to home school for this very reason. It is tempting to me at times as well. (My mother is a teacher at Belen High School- teachers really get a raw deal in the current state of education too)
    Between the quality of education going down, the lack of importance on healthy social relationships, healthy food, quality electives, etc. I seriously could write a novel about all of the changes that need to be made.

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