topic of the week # 6 pillsbury

For this week’s topic we were instructed to find a company (brand) that we liked and discuss what they do in social media. I chose to examine the Pillsbury brand. #1 because I think there website is really fun and #2 because I love to cook and get many ideas from them. Pillsbury has a presence on twitter, facebook, and pintrest. If you are part of the “mailing” circle you can receive daily emails regarding recipes, food, nutrition, and cooking advice. The website is chock full of great information including written recipes with pictures so you can see how your dish should have come out and videos with easy step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics.
Pillsbury is a household name in the US – we allgrew up watching commercials with the cute little pillsbury dough boy getting poked in the tummy and uttering his trademark giggle. This brand makes me feel not only nostalgic but a little bit like “home” – you know how the smell of fresh baked bread or warm chocolate chip cookies just takes you back to better days. If you are a die-hard true blue doughboy fan then there are some fun links on their website that allow you to interact with the DB himself including video bloopers and an interactive dancing DB for your viewing delight.
Pillsbury has been part of american culture since 1972 when it was founded as a grain operation. In the 1950’s and 60’s it became a true household name with its “ready-made” products that nade our lives just that mich easier. Unbeknown to most Pillsbury is not a stand alone company – in 2001 it was bought out by General Mills and its various product lines are now actually products owned by General Mills and Smuckers.
Pillsbury is also known for quality and convenience in conjunction with one another. It has moved through the decades and rolled through the various changes of not only the American lifestyle but media as well. As the needs of families and individuals have changed so too has the marketing and media strategies of the company. part of the innovation of their online presence is their ability to speak to the “nostalgia” generation as well as a new generation of health conscious folks looking to eat well and eat well.


2 thoughts on “topic of the week # 6 pillsbury

  1. I think it was really interesting how you mentioned that Pillsbury essentially knows how to “hit home” for most people. And that seems to be very important. They seem to use these types of tactics in their social media venues to attract more and more consumers yearly. I know I love Pillsbury!

  2. While I’m a sucker for Orange Rolls, I’m painfully aware of how companies of this size are able to research, use focus groups, do trial advertising, and demographic targeting to a level that is almost scary. It terrifies me that they know exactly what colors, music, values, etc. are the most effective in their advertising and branding to make me purchase their products as opposed to something else. GL

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