facebook in the classroom

Good afternoon readers – today we will be discussin the use of facebook and other social media in the classroom.  Do you think that it would be effective for teachers to utilize social media as part of the learning experience for students in the K-12 grades?  Personally I think K-5 really needs to stay away from the over-use of technology so that children do get that fundamental foundation in skills such as reading and writing.  But what about our older kids – I don’t see many these days over the age of 12 who do not have access to or their own internet capable device whether is be a smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Can a teacher utilize social media to reach out to students and make the learning experience more engaging?  I don’t know about you all but there are lots of things that I was made to learn in school that I have never applied to “real life”.  I’ve never been asked to write in cursive only at work or had any cause to utilize the pythagorean theorem to get me through the daily grind.  By allowing children to utilize the technology available at their fingertips as an integral part of their education can have a variety of effects on students and their interactions with the world they actually live in.  If students find that their teachers are available via academic networking similar to socila networking they may find that level of accessibilty to far outreach any face-to-face interaction they can have in the classroom.  Connection can often be the key to success for students to learn a new skill or idea and not much interestes students more these days than the constant electronic interactions they have with their peers.  Social media can teach collaboration as well.


3 thoughts on “facebook in the classroom

  1. Thanks for your interesting blog! I agree that social media has its place in the school system, but there are some aspects that takes away a child’s ability to imagine. Mathematical theories are important in allowing our children an early introduction to STEM. While only a small percentage will eventually hold a career in Science, Technology, Engineer or Mathematics, I do believe that early exposure is the key. If nothing else, it will allow a child to realize, “STEM is not for me” and lean more towards the arts! Can we have both? Social media and current fundamentals? I think there is a happy medium out there! Thanks again for your blog and all you do!

    • Dr. McGann I completely agree wth the need for differentiation between the arts and math/science.. these days so many things that are one or the other are influenced by both sometimes I think drawing the line can be difficult. With the advent of so much social media we give our student that may previously have been relegated to the “journal” can now be heard on an entirely different platform (and much more quickly)! Those students that are greatly involved in the technology at their fingertips now can see posts, blogs, websites, and other social media posts by like-minded individuals before they have to attend to the library which can stimulate ideas and growth all around.

  2. The only worry I have about this is that kids in the long run may turn into electronics device addicts and I worry about that for future generations.


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