Topic of the week 8 – Twittering???

Okay so I have to be the first to admit that this entire course has been one nightmare after another – I never realized that I was so social media phobic until I tried to actually use it for something other than posting pictures of my kids on facebook. Some of the topics wr have touched on thus far have got me so overwhelmed I go into panic mode every time I get into the class! Case in point – this weeks topic of TWITTER.
The first time I recall hearing about Twitter and Tweets and Tweeting and the like was one lovely morning while watching the Today show. There sat Matt Lauer talking about some “news-worthy” subject (or it very well may have been sone celebrity gossip) when he stated that the Twitter world was abuzz with scandalation in regard to this particular topic (sorry I honestly cannot remember what the topic was but I guess that’s a moot point right now). I remember thinking – what the heck is he talking about “Tweeting”? I wonder what that is? At that point in time I did not take the time to explore the topic – actually up until this point in time I had no desire to truly do so. Perhaps I do not even desire truly to look into it now but I AM taking a social media class so I must have some interest in it… right?
So needless to point at to you I DO NOT have a twitter account – perhaps I need one? At this juncture I am unclear as to how Tweeting could benefit me and my “personal brand”. I have considered using it to promote my hubby’s band but I’m not quite sure if it would generate interest and honestly right now I don’t think I could dedicate myself to the time it would take to be an effective Tweeter. it seems to me that it could be very time-consuming since it’s pretty much a constantly live thing. Actually this whole social media thing seems to be pretty time-consuming. Sheesh who knew?
Last night I was on the verge of setting up my own Twitter account and then I chickened out. I don’t really know what frightens me so much about this… I don’t think the Twitter Monster is going to jump out from under my bed at night just because I don’t follow others bby utilizing this tool. Then again maybe it is just that – the notion that I am “following” others and others may be “following” me. Maybe if there were a better word for it – Admiring perhaps. Ah to be admired from afar be perfect strangers that may be the motivation I need.


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