Topic of the Week 12

So this is the TOPIC OF THE WEEK for CJ 393:
Look at the organization you’re thinking about working with for your final project. Write a short social media strategy for the organization that you have selected for your final project. I don’t expect a full social media audit and strategy (these can take weeks if not a couple of months to develop), but I do want the following in this assignment:
>One goal
>One measurable objective to achieve this goal (and what are you measuring?)
>One strategy that will achieve this objective.
>Two tactics for this strategy (one has to be content-focused, the second has to be engagement-focused)

I think perhaps the most important goal right now in partnering with Masada House is to make them a visible presence in the community.
Measurable Objective:
Increased funding via donations, volunteers, and grants. Because most of the grants that Masada would apply for on a large scale are invitation only it will be interesting to see if invitations increase as a result of increased social media presence.
Join the Farmington blog – this is a blog hosted by members of the Farmington and San Juan County community that focuses on things that are going on in the community and gives community members a chance to voice their opinions. Giving Masada a presence here will increase awareness of the program.
Content-focused strategy:
I guess I don’t really understand the difference between the two strategies – by creating content do we not increase engagement. Right now Masada is getting ready to do a 5k un called the Run for Recovery which will take place in May. Adding content to the Farmington blog regarding this can increase awareness of the fundraiser. Masada may be able to recognize those community members who engaged with the blog during the ceremonies surrounding the race. I’m not quite sure here – does anyone have some suggestions?


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