Topic 13 – editorial calendar

Editorial Calendar For Your Final Project:

“In this week’s final class blog post, I want you to develop a basic editorial calendar for the organization you will be covering in your final project. If you need to, look back to our earlier modules on blogging and content creation and refresh yourself on the best practices for an editorial calendar.

You don’t need to give me exact dates and final topic headlines right now, I want you to give me an idea of what topics you would like to cover during each week for your final project.”

All right – as you all know (and for those of you that don’t) the organization I am exploring for my final project in CJ 393 is called Masada House. Since we have three weeks for the duration of the assignment I will post one new “topic” each week and break it down from there.
Week 1 – Introduction to Masada
Goal – create Project Masada to have dedicated area at WordPress for Masda content
Goal – Create blog 1 – Introduce Masda to the world – who are they, what do they do, how does it all work?Goal – publish content on how to donate, volunteer, etc.

Week 2 – What’s happening at Masada
Goal – Video 1 – create content that explains the need for Masada, past accomplishments
Goal – Video 2 – Run for Recovery
Introduce fund raiser and post content to you tube (?)

Week 3 – The faces of Masada
Goal – video interview with Karen Chenault program director
Goal – interview some participants current and past


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