field trip trip

Well today was the last field trip of 2nd grade. Unfortunately i think it was also the 1st field.trip of 2nd.grade. Apparently the opinion of the present regime at my daugjter’s school is that field trips are not in themselves enough if they merely are learning expeditions. After all this takes away from all if the tme spent practicing taking tests that actually mean nothing and teach my child little. Anyway i digress on this subject… Let’s get back to the field trip.
On to the yellow bus we went and it was off to the planetarium. Now when i was a kid we went.on.field trips several.times throughout the year. There was the library, the bowling alley, swimming, planetarium, roller skating, the list seems endless. And yeah it was Great! Apparently the the planetarium does not seem to be the most interesting place for 7 and 8 year olds to spend their one and only field trip. Now don’ t get me wrong it was pretty interesting pace – to me anyway i – but i don’t think an explanation of how the zodiac works and the cycle of the.moon was quite what these kids had in mind. Aside from that the absolute kicker was the awesome video circa 1980 that explained how we get to space, how we stay there once we’re up there and how we get back. I’m fairly certain i saw the same movie when i was in elementary school. There were some graphically… Sort of… Think Oregon trail ( if you’re old.enough to remember that you can see what I’m working with here – if not think maybe the video game that tom hanks played as a kid in the movie big). yeah i think you can see how interesting pace this was to the kids who are used to box, dvd’s, and 50 inch tv. They lost interest before it even started and i even felt a little sorry for the guy giving the presentation. I’m pretty sure the best part of.the field trip was the bus ride!


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