End of semester survey

Well Benson – it’s been real!  I have enjoyed this class thoroughly and am inspired to utilize social media in my personal endeavors in ways that I had not imagined I would.  It certainly is not as simple as it seems.  Perhaps the hardest thing about the course for me was knowing how to actually get content onto the web using my phone.  I definitely think it is time for an upgrade if I plan to keep using it for social media.

The concepts that were presented were all wonderful but could use a little tweaking on usability – making actual use of social media aside from the blog mandatory.   Like everyone has to set up a twitter account and at least one other alternate social media method.  Being one that is not a twitter user I was not inclined to set up an account or send any tweets since it was not mandatory but I think I would have benefited from it had I been incentivized to do so.  Or maybe one huge class blog for the topic of the week posts and then each person have their own blog for personal interest.  Another suggestion is to have the organization used for the final project be the topic for the personal interest posts throughout the course with a culmination of finesse coming at the end.

I enjoyed reading the posts of my classmates – and yes I even enjoyed your videos!  Most of all I think I really enjoyed finding out how much I did not know about this business behind business (personal and commercial) and how effective use can really change the players.


thoughts on final project

I think the concept behind the final project was really great – isn’t that what social media is really about? Being able to communicate with the world on the fly, having technology at your fingertips that can make this happen, and being in a constant frame of mind where you are able to capture those moments that the rest of the world wants to see? Well yes and no. The first thing I discovered (and I have been discovering throughout this course) is that I am not really one of those people that feels the need to be linked to the rest of the world at all times. I am pretty much a homebody and only get on the computer at home on an occasional basis – perhaps because I work on the computer all day so I don’t really wnat to mess with it when I get home. Plus my new laptop has windows 8 on it and I have to struggle and fight with the darn thing, spending half the time I’m online wondering where in the heck I went off to and trying to find my way back. If you’ve never used Windows 8 is quite an experience. Another thing I learned is that I really don’t know all that much about technology – namely the capabilties of my phone. In a sense it can do a lot more than I thought but some of the things I assumed it could do, well, it just can’t. So I often found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place with getting content off of my phone and onto wordpress. I posted several things to facebook but I don’t know how to get them from facebook to here!
Since this was sort of the “pilot” class for this course I think all-in-all it went fairly smooth with the exception of an occasional hitch. Also with the change to Blackboard for online courses there were a few hitched there as well. I think if we had started working on content for the final project – or making all of the content we produced about the organization we are examining it might have been easier than changing subjects from our personal topic to this one.